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Enter the world of Florida Sunrise, an exceptional hybrid born from the union of Green Crack and the Jungle Boys seed bank’s meticulously backcrossed Triangle Kush plants. This enchanting blend harmonizes the invigorating sativa qualities of Green Crack with the serene indica characteristics of Triangle Kush, resulting in a strain that offers the best of both worlds. 

Florida Sunrise is a testament to the genetic heritage it carries, intertwining the defining traits of its parent strains. Triangle Kush, a native Florida indica variety, is rumored to trace its roots back to a Florida OG Kush lineage. On the other hand, Green Crack, a potent sativa, earned its reputation in California and was aptly named by none other than Snoop Dogg himself. This strain is celebrated for its mentally stimulating effects and is believed to have evolved from a cross between Skunk #1 and Afghani landrace strains, although its origins remain somewhat shrouded in mystery. 

Jungle Boys’ Florida Sunrise exudes an enchanting aroma profile—a delightful blend of fresh tropical fruits and sweet orchid fragrances. Upon curing, the buds emanate the essence of mango and pineapple, intensifying when crumbled and leaving a pleasantly sticky residue on your fingertips. When smoked, the aroma transforms into earthy spices and pine wood, with delicate undercurrents of orchids gracing the experience at lower temperatures. 

Bolstered by THC levels that can peak at 30%, Florida Sunrise proves itself as a potent strain that mirrors its aromatic allure. This dynamic hybrid unfurls a cascade of effects as robust as its scent. A rush of euphoria and joy unfolds, enveloping the mind in a warm and focused clarity. The initial burst of energizing sativa effects is seamlessly balanced by a soothing body relaxation, originating in the head and permeating throughout the body, inducing a calming sensation. 

Florida Sunrise is a potent delight, and its captivating terpene profile adds an element of tranquil joy to every THC-infused encounter. This strain serves as the ideal companion for a night of camaraderie, as its well-rounded and uplifting effects elevate any social setting. Pre-game moments are enhanced with the inclusion of Florida Sunrise seeds, setting the stage for an evening illuminated by positivity and vibrancy. 



Strain type: Sativa
DNA: Green Crack + TK BX1
THC RANGE: 25.5 – 29.5%
CBD RANGE: 0.50 – 0.70%
CBG RANGE: 2.1 – 2.6%
TOTAL TERPENES : 1.79 to 2.42%
Terpene profile:
0.62% Caryophyllene
0.61% Myrcene
0.26% Alpha Bisabolol
0.21% Trans-Ocimene
0.18% Limonene

Known Effects

With THC levels that can reach up to 30%, Florida Sunrise is a potent strain that delivers effects as robust as its aroma. This dynamic hybrid induces a sense of euphoria and happiness, which initially fills the head with a buzzing warmth and focused clarity. The energizing sativa effects are well-balanced by a comfortable body relaxation that starts from the head and spreads throughout the body, providing a soothing sensation.  

Florida Sunrise is a potent delight, and its captivating terpene profile adds a touch of peaceful joy to every THC-infused experience. This strain is perfect for a night out with friends, as its balanced and uplifting effects will enhance any situation. Florida Sunrise seeds make an excellent choice as a pre-game strain, setting a bright tone for the evening. 

* There are risks associated with cannabis use. For information, search online “Health Canada – cannabis health effects”.

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