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Unveil the enchanting world of Wedding Cake, also affectionately known as Pink Cookies, an exquisite hybrid with a prevailing indica dominance. This captivating strain is the result of a skillful cross between Triangle Kush and Animal Mints, creating a remarkable fusion of genetics that delivers a truly unique experience. 

Immerse yourself in the lavish essence of Wedding Cake—a strain that emanates an exceptionally sweet aroma, accompanied by a tantalizingly fruity flavor profile. With each inhale, your senses are greeted by the perfect interplay of cookie-like sweetness and the lusciousness of cherry pie. This symphony of flavors creates a truly unforgettable taste that lingers on the palate. 

More than just a flavorful journey, Wedding Cake serves as a gentle calming agent and appetite enhancer. It has proven to be a source of relief for individuals grappling with regular depression-related conditions, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and other related symptoms. While offering potential sedative effects, it excels in pacifying nerves and mitigating anxiety-induced symptoms. Notably, Wedding Cake maintains a delicate balance, preserving focus and energy levels, albeit with the common occurrence of dry eyes and a parched mouth. 

This refined medical marijuana variety is meticulously cultivated indoors, ensuring optimal growth conditions. Boasting a THC content that hovers around 25-27%, it stands as a testament to potency and quality. Visually captivating, the buds resemble pine trees, exuding a dense and robust structural form. Glistening with a frosty allure, its dark green leaves are generously adorned with a profusion of vibrant orange hairs. 

Renowned for its sugary allure and potent properties, Wedding Cake has rightfully earned its place in the spotlight. Elevate your cannabis experience with a strain that harmonizes flavors, effects, and aesthetics like no other. 



Strain type: Indica
DNA: Triangle Kush + Animal Mints
THC RANGE:  20 –24%
CBD RANGE: 0.50 – 0.70%
‍Terpene profile:
0.49% Myrcene
0.12% Terpinolene
0.11% Caryophyllene
0.09% Beta Pinene
0.09% 3-carene

Known Effects

This potent strain offers both calming and uplifting effects, but caution is advised for those new to cannabis due to its potent psychoactive properties. With a high THC content, this strain is commonly used to manage chronic pain, insomnia, and appetite loss. Wedding Cake is renowned for its delectable flavor profile, which includes sweet, peppery, vanilla, earthy, and lemon notes. .
* There are risks associated with cannabis use. For information, search online “Health Canada – cannabis health effects”.

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