Citizen Green Journey

Discover firsthand accounts of how access to premium medical cannabis through this initiative has empowered veterans to heal and grow, transforming their lives with compassion and holistic care. Read their inspiring stories and witness the profound impact of Citizen Green on our nation’s heroes.

The Sana’a Dirty Monkey has proven to be able to calm my restless mind allowing me to get rest without having to wait till I’m completely exhausted in the early morning…

The SFUMATO allows me to focus on one thing and helps slow down my ADHD/hyper-alertness issues I struggle with. With careful selection, I can do this with my TILRAY provider, but they have now become a multi-company provider. The quality/quantity have been lacking and with all the products it’s hard to know what the correct one is. But now with SANA’A/CITIZEN GREEN, I feel my needs are being better met.

I hope to see better results, with some judicious trial and error. As with any natural product, there are minor variations with the plants, and I’m hoping to try other strains with positive results.

LS C JR CD1 Ret.